Sicilian Lemon Crunch Nibble Bag - Dark


    Finest 70% dark chocolate squares with lemon oil and meringue

    Sicilian lemon is renowned the world over for having a superior flavour, which perfectly complements the high quality Belgian chocolate we use in all of our products. Bursting with a fresh lemon zing from the natural Sicilian lemon oil extract, these freshly made, elegant squares of rich 70% dark chocolate, are also topped with a generous sprinkling of lemon sugar crystals and crunchy meringue, so the result is an eye catching, delicious mixture of flavours and textures to tickle the tongue. 

    But not only do they taste divine, the great thing about our nibble bags is that each square is individually wrapped, so great for sharing, but also ideal for a 'now and again treat! Therefore, if you don't want to eat the whole lot in one go (though we promise not to judge if you do), the last one out of the bag will taste as fresh as the first.

    Average contents 9 squares    Net weight 65g


    Is this product suitable for Vegetarians?

    EGG  powder (meringue), meringue can be omitted from topping upon request.

    Order now, dispatch later?

    Get organised ahead of time - buy today, but have your order delivered next month, 6 weeks, 6 months time, or by a particular date. We freshly make all orders prior to DISPATCH, so rest assured no matter how far in advance you purchase, delicious and freshly made chocolate will always be received.


    Ingredients: Dark chocolate (97%): 70% cocoa solids minimum, cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins. Meringue (1%): sugar, vegetable oil, WHEAT starch, EGG powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins. Lemon flavoured sugar (1%): curcumin, sugar, citric acid. Sicilian lemon extract (1%): rapeseed oil, lemon oil (12%).
    Each bar is hand made and hand decorated, so bars will vary slightly in appearance. Allergy advice – May contain traces of nuts, not suitable for milk and soya allergy sufferers.

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