Mint Chocolate Crackle TM - Milk


    Mint Chocolate Crackle TM  - Milk

    Boxed Bars, Chocolate Hearts 

    This authentic recipe chocolate delight, hails from the seasonal American treat called 'Peppermint Bark'. After tasting it on a trip to the USA (and then being pretty frustrated at not being able to buy it in the UK), I combed the internet for a couple of 'basic' recipes, which after some tweaking, became a single 'great' recipe (well, we think it's delicious and hope you'll agree :))! 

    Freshly made, slender slab of thinly layered milk chocolate and white chocolate, infused with natural peppermint oil extract, topped with crushed mint candy cane.

    First, we add just the right amount of fragrant peppermint oil to the milk chocolate, and gently stir to ensure the flavour infuses throughout. The molten minty chocolate is then poured out, topped with finely crushed mint candy cane and left to harden. Then we repeat the process with creamy white Belgian chocolate, adding yet more natural peppermint oil for a real 'mint hit', carefully spreading over the cooled milk chocolate, and topping with yet another generous sprinkling of crushed mint candy cane.   

    The result is a wonderful 'minty' assault on the senses, the fragrant aroma, the fresh flavour of natural peppermint, the smoothness of the white and milk Belgian chocolate, and the intense minty bursts from little candy cane nibs. A celebration of the senses!

    The result is a deliciously different and decadent treat, which is a far cry from your typical 'High Street' offerings and looks just as good as it tastes!




    Is this product suitable for Vegetarians? 

    Vegetarians - Yes

    Ingredients: MILK chocolate (60%): 33.6% cocoa solids min, MILK solids 21.8% min, sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soya lecithins, natural vanilla flavouring. White chocolate (39%): cocoa solids 31% min, MILK solids 23% min, sugar, cocoa butter, 18% whole MILK powder, 6% cream powder (MILK), whey powder (MILK), lactose (MILK), emulsifier: sunflower lecithins, natural vanilla flavouring. Candy cane(1%) : sugar, glucose syrup, peppermint flavouring, colours: beetroot red, chlorophyll. Peppermint oil (<1%).  




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