From the USA to the Welsh coast - A chocolate bars' journey!

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In late 2012, whilst employed as a Clinical Scientist within the NHS, a visit to New York during ‘Thanksgiving’ introduced me to a wonderful ‘minty concoction' unlike anything I’d tasted before, thinly layered milk and white chocolate topped with crushed candy cane (aka Peppermint Bark). Being a self confessed chocoholic and eager to continue enjoying this lovely treat once home, I attempted to purchase something similar in the UK, without success. Out of desperation, I researched several authentic recipes, tweeked them according to taste preference, and made my own.

A fortuitous mistake in converting recipe quantities into UK measurements, led to me making far too much, so I simply gave the extra away to family and friends. This proved to be a turning point and the concept of Robins and Sons signature ‘Chocolate Crackle TM’ was born.

In January 2015, after a fantastic response to my homemade ‘Mint Chocolate Crackle', the Robins and Sons website was created. For 2 and half years, I worked for the NHS, whilst building a chocolate business and balancing a family life, but in late 2016 took the leap to become a full-time self employed chocolatier.

Holding firm to the belief that the secret behind delicious, high quality products, is delicious, high quality ingredients, every component of our 25+ products have been meticulously sourced from around the globe for superiority in taste, texture and appearance. We also insist upon natural colours and flavours throughout, using only natural peppermint and Valencian orange oil extracts in their Robins and Sons Signature ‘Chocolate Crackle TM’, and fragrant Sicilian lemon oil in our Sicilian Lemon Crunch.

The ‘team’ consists of myself (Andrea), hubby (whose creative talent is behind our logo) and my 2 sons, (David 14 and Thomas 12) - definitely the ‘brains’ behind the operation (or so they tell me), although their input resembles more the ‘eating’ of profits than contributing to business strategies :)! 

Although at present, we are an ONLINE business only (no bricks and mortar 'shop' for the public to visit as yet), hopefully that will change in the near future. We still operate out of the family home, but now have over 25 product lines, sell through our own website (offering worldwide delivery), Amazon, eBay and Etsy, and have a growing ‘Corporate’ division, where most recently (Jan 2017), our products were chosen by Acura Automobile Division to help promote a corporate event.

Therefore, it has been, and continues to be an exciting, tiring, frustrating and incredibly rewarding life journey, one which I probably owe to a kind, New York 'Department store' sales assistant, who offered me a free chocolate ‘taster’, all those years ago!

Our mission statement - to spread joy through the medium of chocolate!

Andrea Robins

Robins and Sons Chocolatiers